AVEDISCO, Italy’s first Direct Sales Association, was chosen by USHARE, the Social Profit Marketing platform that became an effective member during 2021.

Ushare was born in a context in which people are increasingly present in the online world, especially through social networks, which play an important role in people’s live. The company is focused on marketing and propose services and devices for the protection of people online data.

Whenever you use social networks you should think twice… social networks, but they’re not the only ones, give rise to a doubt: if you do not pay for these services, then you are not a user, but you are their product…and nobody pays you.

  1. What is the objective of Ushare and how it is different from social networks

Ushare‘s objective is to offer a concrete way to enhance the sharing experience and protect your personal data released on digital platforms, or using devices, communication tools and various technologies.

By registering on Ushare, users have the opportunity to buy DTCircle tokens and other products of the DTCircle ecosystem. 

The DTCoin, this is the name of the DTCircle token, works like a complementary currency to the FIAT and it’s actually spendable in the ecosystem to buy products and services.

In the digital asset market, the digital asset DTCoin is becoming increasingly popular and gaining more and more attention from the crypto community.

The novelty of DTCoin lies in the fact that it is for the first time based on Big Data, i.e.the information that users provide by surfing the web.

Big Data is an increasingly growing market, as the numbers also show: a total value of USD 456 billion has been realized for 2021 alone.

  1. Behind the scenes of Ushare’s adhesion to AVEDISCO

Ushare Social Profit Marketing became a member of AVEDISCO, agreeing to embrace the values and Code of Ethics of the Association, which, adopting the usual assessment criteria by which it is distinguished, provides the company with services and consultancy to guarantee consumers the usual standards of safety and quality.

After at least six months as a Candidate Member, AVEDISCO assessed the actual fairness of the business practices conducted by USHARE Social Profit Marketing in order to determine its subsequent status as an Effective Member.

Needless to say, the company passed the AVEDISCO test with high honors, because, since 1 August 2021, Ushare has become an Effective Member of the organization.

The news was announced by the association itself on its official website www.avedisco.it